Kevin Cahill

W. Edwards Deming Was Truly A Remarkable Man.

Interviews with members of The Deming Institute community, including industry leaders, practitioners, educators and Deming family members who share stories of transformation and success through the innovative management and quality theories of Dr. Deming.
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Deming Today

2/9-2/11, 2016 The W. Edward Deming Institute is excited to facilitate a two-and-a-half day workshop to further implement the System of Profound Knowledge in your business. Through small group breakouts, work session and discussions, you will begin to design a system view of your organization and gain visibility into where you can improve effectiveness, reduct costs, increase productivity and accelerate growth and innovation.
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Deming Podcasts

In this blog we will explore Deming's ideas on management by examining his works and exploring how the ideas are being applied in organizations today. This blog will attempt to hold true to his ideas while also looking at how those ideas have been, and are being, extended and implemented.
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